How to Get Maximum Value from a Timber Framed Home

Posted on: 17 April 2018


Are you planning to build a timber framed home? Read on and discover the key things which you should do in order to reap the full benefits of that style of construction.

Allow Ample Design Time

It is a known fact that it takes a shorter time to construct a timber framed home than it takes to build another type of house, such as a brick and mortar house. However, that short construction time should not lull you into thinking that you can start the process at the last minute when you want the construction to begin. The designer requires sufficient time to design your home. This duration can vary from a few weeks to several months depending on the particular professional you have assigned this task. Make sure that you begin the process early so that you allow sufficient time for the designs to be completed. Trying to rush that process can compel the best designers to turn down your request and ask you to look elsewhere.

Ensure Expert Site Supervision

Timber framing produces strong buildings from materials which may, at first glance, appear to be weak. The strength of the building comes from the careful calculations which result in an intricate design that produces a beautiful, durable building. The personnel at the construction site must be supervised by an expert in order to achieve your dream of a durable structure. That is why most timber framing projects are executed by the firm which designed those projects. You should therefore ensure that you hire a competent contractor to handle the installation project in case the company which designed the home isn't going to be responsible for installing the prefabricated framing system.

Source Materials Locally

Timber framing has been praised as being one of the most environmentally friendly ways to build homes. That reputation could have been one of the reasons why you opted for this kind of home. However, the carbon footprint of a timber framed home can spiral out of control in case measures aren't taken to keep that impact low. One of the best ways to enjoy the eco-benefits of this construction is by insisting that the timber which is used should be sourced locally. This will reduce the environmental impact in several ways, such as reducing the distance over which those materials need to be transported for treatment or installation at the site.

Work with the right professionals on your timber framing construction project. Those experts will ensure that the issues above are attended to during every phase of the project.