• Signs That Your House Needs New Gutters

    Downspouts and gutters are the unsung heroes of your house. When they are functioning properly, they effectively protect against rain. Gutters also prevent an array of potentially extensive and expensive moisture-related problems. And gutters do all these things while remaining largely out of your sight and mind. While they might be well maintained, top-quality gutters certainly do not last forever. The following are some of the signs that indicate it's time to replace your gutters.
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  • 3 Ways to Control Condensation in Metal Roofs

    Condensation usually forms when warm, moist air from a kitchen or a bathroom in a residential property rises and meets the cool lower section of a metal roof. That condensation can cause the roof to start corroding if measures aren't taken to keep condensation below harmful levels. This article discusses some condensation control measures that you can choose from in order to protect your metal roof from premature aging due to condensation.
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  • 3 Must-Haves for a Water-Based Acrylic Roof Coating

    When you install a metal roof on your house, you must coat and shield it from the corrosive elements that gradually choke it to death. Lack of a protective coating shortens the life of your roof, forcing you into high replacements costs. Notably, the secret to choosing a quality water-based acrylic coating is to understand its chemical components. What exactly do they bring to the table to guarantee that your roof will be in place for many years?
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