Roofing: Typical Causes of Roofing Repairs

Posted on: 9 February 2017


Most types of roofing supplies are designed with durability and longevity in mind. Nonetheless, without being accorded proper care and maintenance, you will find yourself resorting to constant repairs and eventual replacement of your roofing. This is why it is prudent to know what the main causes of roofing repairs are so that you can prevent premature damage from happening to your structure. Below are some of the different problems that could lead to regular roofing repairs.

Leaks that remain undetected or unattended

One of the main causes of consistent roof repairs is leaks that are either undetected or have remained unattended to. In addition to wreaking havoc on your roofing materials, these leaks will penetrate the structure of your premises and cause water damage to different areas such as the ceiling, walls and even eventually your foundation. This is why it is essential for property owners to know how to spot the signs of leaks in their structure. Some of the more conspicuous signs that you will see include watermarks on your walls, dark patches on your ceiling and musty odours in the upper levels of your home, more so in the attic. It should be noted that if leaks are not remedied, not only will you require roof replacement but your property could also become a health hazard due to the breeding of mould and mildew.

Shingles that have become uprooted

Another common reason for roof repairs is missing or broken off shingles. The shingles have an important function of protecting the structure from exposure to the elements. However, despite shingles being quite sturdy, lack of routine maintenance can lead to them becoming compromised. For instance, old shingles can easily become blown off the roof if their fasteners have come loose. Secondly, regular foot traffic on your roofing will compromise the sturdiness of the shingles, causing them to disintegrate at a rapid pace. It should be noted that shingle replacement should be done professionally to ensure that they will not be at risk of being susceptible to wind uplift. Moreover, if the shingles are installed by an amateur and they end up having open seams, the integrity of your roofing will inevitably be compromised over time.

Water collecting on your roofing

Water is one of the biggest adversaries that your roof will face. This is why it is prudent to ensure that precipitation is adequately redirected away from your roofing. However, if you are not carrying out routine maintenance on your gutters, they lose their capability to perform their function. As such, water begins to collect on your roof and compromise its integrity.